VA vs. Conventional Loans

VA vs. Conventional Loans

Apply for US military loans and get approved for a military mortgage and armed forces loans.

Getting approval for US military loans is easier than with conventional loans for qualified Veterans. VA loans provide the most competitive lending options available and VA loan guidelines protect Veterans from the risk of more aggressive conventional loans.
Lower Interest Rates

VA loan rates average at 0.5% lower than the national average for conventional loans. A qualified Veteran can save roughly $75 per month on a $280,000 VA loan over a comparable conventional loan.

Streamlined Refinancing or Interest Rate Reduction Loan (IRRL)

Veterans with current armed forces loans and a military mortgage in good standing can refinance easily to a lower rate as interest rates go down. The Department of Veterans Affairs established this VA refinance program that allows Veterans to refinance more easily and quickly than options for refinancing with a non-VA loan.
No-Money-Down Purchase Loans

100% financing is available for Veterans. This type of financing on conventional loans largely disappeared following the banking crisis, but qualified Veterans are still able to purchase a home with no money down and, often, no cash out-of-pocket.

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